Tuesday, January 30, 2007

?Habla Espanol?

I've been going to Spanish classes for a while now. Every Monday night since September and it is getting exciting to be able to exchange a bit more information than Me llamo Helen or Como estas.

My favorite new word is 'baruso'. Soy baruso (I'm rubbish) or Esta baruso (that's rubbish) two expressions that come into use fairly frequently.

The lovely Julianna cracked me up yesterday describing her favorite spanish food was...
Juliana: Ohh what is it called... It looks like shit... huh... sorry, I mean it's in a shape of a turd.. huh... sorry, I mean it's covered in chocolate.
Indeed, churro is a deep-fried dough snack that one eats with sugar or chocolate. I know blokes laugh quite easily at poop jokes (most likely Steven Novak), but coming from a girl as sweet as Julianna, it was very unexpected.


Hammer said...

I took 6 years of spanish classes and I can read some and understand if someone speaks really slowly. (which never happens)

Everything is bi-lingual here where I live. The trashcans are labeled "basura" and if you don't know what a caballero is you may walk into the wrong restroom.

Buenos suerte con sus clases.:)

Jeannie said...

Si, estoy basura tambien en Espaniol.

I took one year of Spanish via correspondencia. I have a lot of trouble understanding any spoken Spanish and have lost most of the vocab I did have.

By the way, you've been tagged!

Steven Novak said...



Marianne said...

I have chihuahuas. I took two years of spanish in high school. That was sixteen years ago.

Aye carrumba.

But I figured it would come in handy when I needed to give the chihuahuas commands.

They don't understand it. They seem to understand broken English tho.

Hey, whatever works!!!