Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vienna - A Magical Saturday

On the Saturday morning, we visited Schonbrunn palace which was the summer palace of the imperial family. It was good fun walking outside in the gardens of the palace with Ron. Shame that it was winter and very grey.

In the afternoon we went ice skating with Beth, Alison, Dani, Manny, Martin, Kenneth and Klaus. Klaus is an excellent skater (he plays ice hockey) so he scared us a couple of times. I fell flat on my tummy once, and had nasty bruises on my knees but it is starting to clear.

After skating, Ali, Beth and I went to the hairdresser and got ready for our gala dinner. I was exhausted came dinner time, the photos show large dark circles under my eyes, not the best.

I was given a certificate of « Outstanding Achievement » in contribution to the Company in 2006. I was so very surprised and a bit moved, especially since Ron was wounding me up 5 minutes earlier, saying that I only scratch the surface of my potential in 2006 and that I had better do better in 2007. I received a gold bullion from the Philharmonic of Austria worth a 100€, I am going to keep it.
After dinner, I danced the waltz !!! In Vienna !!! With a long black dress !!! On a real ensemble of 10 musicians. It was a dream come true... You see I grew up watching the New Year's Vienna ball every single New Year's day, and I loved Strauss and I loved how the ladies moved accross the ballroom and the beautiful dresses they wore. I could hardly believe I was there. I danced with:

  • Leo who was not a very patient teacher, too strict for my liking
  • Mike, who was more lost than I was and kept stepping on my feet, too sloppy for my liking
  • Olivier, who was a good lead and waltz very quickly until my head was dizzy
  • Winfred, who was a lovely dancer and teacher, and I had the most enjoyable dance with him, and it was on the waltz of the Blue Danube, so I could not have hoped for a better experience.
I am expecting the official pictures of the trip next week.


My Truth Hurts said...

The Waltz in Vienna! *Swoon* Such a romantic thought.

tweetey29 said...

Yes I agree. Such a beautiful picture you paint here. Wow. I read about this dances in romance novels but never done one myself. LOL... Sounds just exciting. Where are you from exactly if you dont mind me asking? You dont have to anser if you dont want to. Just curious. You can always leave your anser on my blog if you wish. I would love to go there some day and see all these ball rooms people paint in there books when they write them and what you have describe. Wow again. Amazed at what was sai. I cant dance either. I cant even keep a beat to music in general so dancing isnt my thing but watching it must be wonderful even still. Thanks for sharing your experinces with us.

Jeannie said...

Sounds lovely and congrats!

Hammer said...

Nice. Sounds like a great job overall. Congrats on the award!

Steven Novak said...

Congratulations on the award!

I've never won anything...

Now I'm a bit jealous. ;)


Kitem said...

Nice comments on your blog Darling, you deserve all of that, I mean, comments, and this beautiful life, I am very happy for you. A tout bientot.