Monday, January 15, 2007

School Disco

As soon as I was back to work, I did not have time to quietly start the year with the plans for 2007 and review and analysis of 2006. We had a large customer event to attend on the theme of "A new class". So Peter and I were off to Birmingham for the occasion. The exhibition was very successful, the delegates showed a good interest in our products and were moslty eager for freebies but that's to be expected. As every good convention, there are dinners to attend, and for the staff, they had a prom dinner, but for us, after the hard working day at the exhibition, we had a school disco!!!! Yeah!!! So I dressed up as a naughty student.

I was popular with the boys, but got them hurrying away by saying "how do you like my tie? It's my husband's." I made lots of good contacts with the customers and Peter and I had a brilliant time dancing the night away.
Good old days relived.


Hammer said...

lol those dirty old men.

You look 16 in that picture.

Glad everything went well.

Kitem said...

Tu es magnifique habillee comme ca, Hammer a raison,on dirait que tu as 16 ans sur cette photo, j'adore. Tu ne m'avais pas dit.
Je suis au cyber cafe du coin, je ne suis pas arrivee a poster ce que j'avais pre-ecrit sur le comput de papa, tant pis, on pense bien a toi a Vienne. Enjoy yourself.

Jeannie said...

Great that a business event can be fun too.