Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I am back from the kick off meeting in Vienna. What a trip!
We worked hard and played harder.

On Thursday Night, Klaus giving Beth and I some bunny ears and Simon in front

On Wednesday, it was just the back together night, we had a lovely dinner and caught up with everyone from the team, I was also happy to meet other people from the different regions, such as Spain, France and Italy.

In the rude restaurant, Cristina from Spain; Dani from SA, me and the girls from the French team Estelle, Celine and Julie

On Thursday we ended up in the worst restaurant in the World. the food was blend and the waiters extremely rude, pushing us around and screaming very loud 'EXCUSE ME' if we were not paying attention, and they were bad at pouring us drinks too, but that's probably good. I found out that Klaus is going to be a daddy this March, which means his missus was just pregnant when we were in Oslo, and Fabrizio from the Italian office is getting married this May. Congratulations to them both.

On Friday, we worked harder, with discussions in the afternoon - tiring. So I was very happy to be going for the dinner and party after to re-energize myself.

Simon, Kenneth and I in the bus on the way to the restaurant.

The restaurant was absolutely lovely, it was a vineyard within the city. Apparently Vienna is the only capital city in the World that has a vineyard and Bethoveen came to rest in this very place and composed his 9th Symphony. The food was great and the company good as usual. We sang very loudly 'We are the Champions', 'Vindaloo', 'Three Lions' and The Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night'. I also danced with the president on the traditional countryside Viennese music.

The UK team, Carrina, Beth and I

After the dinner, we went to town and ended up in the most horrible night club, it was stripped girls who - obvisously were all over the men from the team, it made me feel a little uncomfortable. So I went for a walk with new French team mate Syad in charge of Emerging market in Middle East, when we came back the music was better, so I joined the girls and Simon did a strip tease for us, so we would not feel left out!

As you can see, Danni and I are enjoying ourselves a bit more thanks to Simon's surprise strip!

Saturday was even more exciting but I have not got the pictures yet, so stay tuned!


Dan said...

Why did only Simon strip? Now that's not fair is it? :)

La Cremiere said...

That's because we were already surrounded by nude girls and he wnted to bring some balance to the club.

Jeannie said...

sounds like I need to get a job with your company - I could do with the official partying you do - do they need a Canadian rep? What do you do?

tweetey29 said...

Hi. I got your blog off of Jeannies. Thought I would drop by and say hi. Sounds like an interesting trip. I am a stay at home mom so we dont get to go as far as you just mentioned. I think you have also been tshsmoms blog a few time. Well anyway hope you enjoyed yourself and I look forward to you visiting my blog someitme when you have a free moment. Tweets.