Monday, February 12, 2007

A feast holiday

Malaysia is mostly about food. I've got a busy social schedule, but I must not forget to stock up on all the gorgeous tasty Malaysian food before I go back to London.

Yesterday was a good start, after the lovely home-cooked lunch (fish with pineapple, pork herbal soup, kai-lan and rice), I went for roti canai (indian bread with a variety of fish, chicken and vegetarian currys) and for dinner, the whole family met for my favorite - bah ku teh (pork herbal soup).

Uncle bought me prawn mee for breakfast. Other things I want to have for breakfast this week are wan tan mee (egg noodles in soya sauce served with honey cured pork and fried wan tan) and nasi lemak. Nasi Lemak is the breakfast food for Malays, it is just rice cooked in fat (literal translation is 'fat rice') with ikan bilis (dried salty fish), hard boiled eggs, peanuts and sambal belashan (crushed chili paste).

We're having a hard time arranging to meet Yanna, Thuan Aun, Joe and Olivia. It's because they're all parents now, Chloe (Joe and Olivia's) is still too little to go out, so we could meet at their place, but then it is not so convenient for Thuan Aun and Yanna with little Caden. And with all our family dinners and Chinese New Year this weekend. At least Joe and Olivia stay near my brother's so we can just drop by.



tweetey29 said...

I dont know if you went already or not but may I make a suggestion. I know you said you dont have kids yet if I remember right. Well I dont know how old the one is but with the baby they sleep through almost everything. Esp if he or she is a new born. I mean when we had B our youngest I got out of thte hospital and we went for lunch the same day and she slpt through lunch until we walked back into the apt before we bought the house. I mean dont be afraid to mingle the children and the noise. Babies sleep through almost everything. Well anyway I am no expert but just what I have learned from my own two I guess. Tweets.

Kitem said...

Hello all of my dearest daughter blogger friends, thank you for being so nice with her.
For those interested there is a lot of photos on Malaysia on my own blog, even if it's in French photos are talking by themselves.

SME said...

I'm glad you're digging the food, but for me it sounds like a nightmare! ;D