Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm going...

Good News! I've spoken to Alison from South Africa and she is waiting for me, she invited me to stay over with her and for as long as I want.

Unfortunately, I've got enough work to fill up my agenda till June, so it is unreasonnable to be gone for too long. If Ron agrees I will take 3 days off, so I can spend 3 days, 3 nights with Alison in Johannesburg and 2 days in Durban for the wedding.

Needless to say, Nadine was delighted. For my part, I was extatic at Ali's friendship. Now, I cannot wait to get there. Alex is bringing home a guide book, I'll have three days to see as much of that gorgeous country as I possibly can!

PS: Thank you all for sharing your opinions, yeah I'm aware of the crime rate, I'll look after myself and make sure I don't make myself a target. I'll also ask Nadine to hook me up with her bride's maids while in Durban.


tweetey29 said...

Have a wonderful time and take lots of photo's. Now I am really jealous. You live in another country and then you are going to another one for a wedding. I say NO FAIR. LOL... Only picking on you a little. I will get there soem day when the girls are older. I want them to remember where we have went. Talk soon. Tweets.

SME said...

Cool. I bet you'll have a great time - please post lots of pics so we can all vacation vicariously! :)

I've added you to my blogroll, if that's OK with you.