Thursday, June 07, 2007

Prince Charming vs Shrek

It's based on a true story. I mean the producers of Shrek knew what they were talking about when they created this story. This goes back a long time ago, but I'm inspired to share this topic now.

I never believed in Prince Charming. I mean Alex is close to perfect (cool, smart, a good pool of gene to have babies with) but let's face it, he's no prince charming (no sense of romance, no iceberg melting sweet talking, no witty analogies that make a girl blush). I once met someone that I thought might be Prince Charming, but was quickly brought back to my senses from this grand illusion of infatuation.

I never truly understood what infatuation was until I befell victim of the disease. And yes, it is a disease. I spent hours wondering: why is infatuation so bad, when it feels so good? Surely, when it feels this strong, it must be Love with a capital L? Surely that feeling of infatuation, that makes your chest tight, your heart rush, your tension rise, your head spin, your mouth dry must be Love? (see an earlier post on Living it up: Ha ha! That's what love is.) But nah, that's all rubbish... Infatuation is the cancer of love.

So why don't I believe in Prince Charming?
It's simple. I only once met someone that I thought for a very split second he might it, and I've listened to girls relating their stories to "he must be it" and I've come to the conclusion that Prince Charmings (PC) are simply men who know how to make a girl feel like a woman, who knows the right words to say and when to say them, and it's an awesome feeling for a woman, and it's almost a free ticket to sex for the PC. Hence, the PC is going to use this unique weapon to make as many women as possible feel good about themselves and get himself, in return for his efforts, a free one-night-stand or a few before moving to the next girl in desperate need to feel loved. Therefore, PCs turn into Players, vain, full of themselves, manipulative and lying cheating bastards.

On the other hand, here's a guy that girls won't notice at first. He's nonchalant, he's kinda cool and kinda doesn't care, he's not bad looking but doesn't bother grooming his hair and wears oversized tee-shirts, he's been hurt by a princess that was demanding, scatty and with totally unreasonable expectations and he's wary of women in general because of that. He doesn't sweet talk, and he doesn't even start to understand the concept of romance, but he makes a girl feel safe, because she won't be cheated, what she sees is what she gets. She can have more fun with Shrek, because he won't judge her and she doesn't feel like she has to be up to the delusional standards of PCs, so the interaction is truer and more relaxed. She can be herself everyday and she can be happy.

Therefore, in my irrefutable logic:
A relationship with PC can only lead to destruction, paranoia and ultimately sadness
A relationship with Shrek will be simple, no-nonsense, no bullshit, pure and ultimately, here lies your happy ever after.


tshsmom said...

Absolutely correct!!
You should print this up and hand it out to ALL teenaged girls. They'll thank you for it in their 20s. ;)

Jeannie said...

I married a PC. But I think he stuck with me because I wasn't absolutely nuts about him at first because I knew he was full of it. I hope he hasn't cheated on me - but frankly, I am not 100% sure he hasn''s funny, I'm sure there were a lot of "nice" guys out there but I never saw them. Tunnel vision I suppose.

tweetey29 said...

You have this one straight one. I agree with Tshsmom and Jeannie. J is no PC but he tries in other ways. Great post though

Kitem said...

Oh la la j'espere que tu ne dis pas ici que Alex ressemble à Shrek! pas physiquement du moins ha ha ha, mais ok il a tous les bons cotes de Shrek.
De mon cote, je n'ai jamais vraiment reflechi au Prince Charmant, je pensais certainement qu'ils n'existaient que dans les contes de fees. Et avec le temps je suis certaine qu'ils ne vivent jamais, au grand jamais happy ever after.

The Zombieslayer said...

Prince Charmings (PC) are simply men who know how to make a girl feel like a woman, who knows the right words to say and when to say them, and it's an awesome feeling for a woman, and it's almost a free ticket to sex for the PC.

Or you can call him a player, from a guy's perspective. he tells women exactly what they want to hear, kind of like a politician.

I think by Shrek's description, my younger brother is a Shrek.

For the record, a lot of PCs grow up. It gets old.

La Cremiere said...

Hi Tshsmom, they need to experience it for themselves. They won't take my word for it. After all, Kitem did warn me but I thought she did not understand.

Hey Jeannie, Lucky you if you've captured a PC, you must be the exception that confirms the rule

Hi Tweets, it is all in J's honour to try. That's the real deal

Kitem, no I don't mean Alex looks like Shrek, I will have to clarify this post.

Hey Zombie Slayer, I guess you're right, PCs must grow out of it eventually. Were you one?

tshsmom said...

Yeah, I guess it's part of being human. We need to make our own mistakes.

ZS is right. My hubby was a player before he met me. At that point in his life he was sick of it, and wanted to settle down with a home and family. He never regretted it! ;) Unfortunately, not ALL PCs grow up.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Hey where is your sense of Romance? Prince Charming is absolutley real. Too many times we're quick at giving someone this label though, and it turns out to be just another frog...

I don't think a prince charming has to be smooth or even a ladies' man...he just needs to be nice, honest respectful and love you more than he loves himself. That, in a nutshell, will create a happily ever after.

The best marriages are when both partners think they got better than what they deserve.

SME said...

It's true - we need to make our own mistakes or we'll never really learn from them! Just another fun part of life, I think. ;)