Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shrek revisited

Now that we've seen PCs Vs Shreks, I think I've worried a lot of husbands starting with my own. Look when I refer to men as Shreks I do NOT mean farting, burping, green slobs. That is very far from my thoughts. No, when I see Shrek (and the Shreks of this world), I see:
- Someone honest
- Someone who will not take himself too seriously
- Someone who does not take life too seriously
- Someone who is fun because of the two above
- Someone who will make the best out of anything
- Someone who will be grateful for what he gets
- Someone down to earth and in tune with real life

And you can be a Shrek and still be handsome and successful and hard working and who deserves all the great things that come your way.

Anyway, hubby said he'd rather be a Patrick Bateman than a Shrek.


Hahaha, that is so funny, he is a Patrick Bateman already, minus the American and minus the Psycho. Thank God for that. He does have his Patrick Bateman days, and I tease him a lot about it, but in secret I appreciate that, he makes a tremendous effort to look good, he is always impeccably dressed and has very high standards of fashion; He recently changed his hair cut and has never ceased exercising excessively to maintain his fitness and lean profile. He's a bit vain, but I enjoy the results.

I'm sure there are nice PCs out there, but I like my Shrek better. It's fun and cool most of the time. Shame it doesn't include eternal sparks, but that's true for any relationships.


Jeannie said...

I got you - these days, I see a lot of "nice" guys - definitely not PC's but good looking and take care of themselves - I just never saw them when I was younger because those damned PC's are just so bright and shiny!

Kitem said...

Alors la, bien vu, Il est juste les deux a la fois, perfect husband.

Hammer said...

Great comparison. I know a few donkeys too :)

La Cremiere said...

Jeannie, Yeah, PC are so bright and shiny, you're blinded with one look, that's what make them dangerous.

Kitem, not always perfect but he tries. Then again I'm not always the perfect wife either.

Hammer, hahaha, yeah, I'm sure there are some donkeys out there too.

SME said...

Totally agreed: Shreks (with hygiene) are the guys to have. I found mine and wouldn't trade him for any of the PCs from my past (one of whom vaguely resembled Shrek, but was in reality a PC, i.e. an a**hole). I'm not really into the glamour - life's too short for it. I like the real.

tweetiebird56649 said...

Life is weird on how and where it takes us with our Shreks in life. I love mine and wouldnt change him for the world if I had a chance. J isnt perfect but like you said I am no perfect wife. I make more mistakes then he does as hubby. But we have made it together for 11 years now. Lets see if we can make it 11 more. LOL...

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

You know, when you say it like that, it makes sense. I've never heard the Shrek vs PC analogy be used before, but yes, I agree.

Someone kind and decent, honest and hardworking is the kind of man I want in my life as my life partner. You've got a good one there.

Jenny! said...

Being called a Shrek is endearing and flattering! But Patrick Batemen is hot...even if he is a pyscho!

Jeannie said...

This is for Kitem really - I figure she reads your comments...I am still checking in and enjoying the blog - I just can never make comments for some reason. Drives me crazy!

tweetey30 said...

I was going to say I left one today for her and not sure if it went through or not. If not have her e-mail me before she leaves. You said it was flickr doing this to her blog. Or at least that is the comment she left for me. Well I hope she has a nice holiday. Later my friend.

Jay said...

Patrick Bateman - yikes! That hs got to be the worst comparison ever.