Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rock Chick Continued

It's been a while I've wanted to share with you the thing I love the most; going to watch my favorite bands perform live!

It all started when I was 14, a huge fan of Depeche Mode and they were performing in Brest, a large student town near where I lived in France, Britanny. Unfortunately, mom would not let me go, a 14-year old with her 16-year old brother in a huge city alone with a crowd 30000 students did not seem to worry me at the time, but now that I am older I understand why my parents did not let us go.

Little did I know that it would only be a few more years till I realised my dream, and for my 17th birthday, March 2nd 1994, Depeche Mode was playing in Singapore, my brother was on his winter holiday break from uni and was over in Malaysia with us; My parents agreed to let us go to Singapore, by train 9 hour journey with nothing to eat, but the most awesome experience in the world. It was not our first time travelling without our parents but the train, the crashing at a friend of a friend's place in Singapore, seeing Depeche Mode play live in their Devotional Tour was the best present my parents could have given me.

1994 Mar - Depeche Mode - Devotional Tour - Singapore - with Julien and Frin
1995 Apr - The Cure - Paris - with Julien
1996 Oct - Cypress Hill - Paris
1997 Mar - Chemical Brothers - Paris - with Julien
1997 Apr - Carl Cox - Cardiff - with Alex
1997 Jun - Moby - Paris - with Alex

Then there was a long period where I was back in Malaysia, no gigs are allowed there, because it leads to what's the word, demeaning behaviour, drug, sex, alcohol, women wear skimpy clothes and men behave badly, so unless it is a very boring band, you cannot have a concert in Malaysia; surprisingly last year they allowed Pussy Cat Dolls and that caused an uproar in breach of righteousness because of the lewd dancing, surprise, surprise! Anyway, I eventually moved to England and Alex and I have been making up for lost time and catching up on the music scene...
Wearing my Strokes Tee-Shirt at the Reading Festival last August, nightfall, we're waiting for Muse to come on stage!
2006 Apr - Morrissey - London Palladium
2006 May - Radiohead - London Hammersmith
2006 Jun - The Genius and The Feeling - London City University - with Sarah and Alison
2006 Jul - The Strokes - O2 Wireless Festival London Hyde Park
2006 Jul - Belle & Sebastian - O2 Wireless Festival London Hyde Park
2006 Jul - The Like - O2 Wireless Festival London Hyde Park
2006 Jul - Gogol Bordelo - O2 Wireless Festival London Hyde Park
2006 Jul - The Raconteurs - O2 Wireless Festival London Hyde Park
2006 Jul - Divine Comedy - Somerset House London
2006 Aug - Muse - Carling Festival Reading
2006 Aug - Jet - Carling Festival Reading
2006 Aug - The Like - Carling Festival Reading
2006 Aug - Artic Monkeys - Carling Festival Reading
2006 Sep - Scissor Sisters - Trafalgar Square London
2006 Nov - Muse - Wembley Arena London
2007 Mar - Nine Inch Nails - Brixton Academy London
2007 Apr - James - Brixton Academy London

We also have plans for the rest of the year; starting with one tomorrow night:

2007 Jul - Interpol - London Astoria
2007 Aug - Interpol - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Arcade Fire - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Gogol Bordelo - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Hot Hot Heat - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Bloc Party - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Razorlight - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Ash - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Aug - Dinosaur Jr - Carling Festival Leeds
2007 Sep - The Police - Twickenham Rugby Stadium London
2007 Nov - Interpol - Green Wood London (3rd strike!!!)

Bands that I'd like to watch someday:

Radiohead (again)
The Magic Numbers
Snow Patrol
James (again)

We've promised ourselves that we'll never stop going to gigs, even when kids are in the picture, we'll bring them along as soon as they are old enough, so look forward for these days to come.


Greg said...

You've seen some pretty awesome bands! That's quite a list! And yes, plan to see as many Interpol shows as possible!

(Nice blog.)

tshsmom said...

I LOVE your smile!

The Zombieslayer said...

I love music. As you probably know, I'm mostly a metalhead, but I'll go see anything if someone buys the tickets.

That said, Interpol's not too bad live. I enjoyed them. Never seen The Cure, but I really liked the album Head of the Door. That's one of those albums that means something to me.

Radiohead had 2 of the best albums of the 90s with The Bends and their masterpiece, OK Computer. I had a chance to see them once but didn't go. Forgot the reason.

One of these days, I'll see NIN.