Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rock Chick

Thank you very much to Jeannie for giving me this lovely pink ribbon.

I thought that surely I should get this just cos I am a rock girl, hence i'm rocking. But apparently it's because I'm nice even when I have a gripe. So people, here is the hard honest truth.

truth is that I feel annoyed and angry at a lot of things and people more often than I wish. And everytime, I think of these great girls in my life who never seem to get upset at anything or anyone; and so I feel guilty for having any negative feelings and I feel envious of these amazing girls who are cool and lovely and have nothing but nice words; and always come to the conclusion that if I am not happy with someone or something it must be my fault, and for me to sort out; that's why I try to remain nice even when I have a gripe. I don't know if being guided by guilt and looking up to perfection incarnate, make me a rockin' girl but I'll accept it because I am a rock chick anyway. :)

Jenny is my nominee for the Rockin' Girl Blogger; because she is hilarious and always has something fun to share with us and has a super cute kid to make us smile.

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