Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cuban Carnival - London South Bank


What a gorgeous day. The sun is shining, it's warm, there is not one cloud in the sky. I would have taken a picture to prove it, but it'd have turned out just blue.

We met up with Amanda, Angela and Michaela on the South Bank. The carnival was smaller than expected, but lovely nonetheless. The music was great, drunk a Mojito, that's a refreshing rum and mint leave ice cool Cuban drink.

Moving along the bank, we reached a larger stage with a Venezulan DJ playing music on stage. Strange considering it's a Cuban festival, but we ain't complaining. There were two great entertainers, who, according to Angela, are making appearances at every festival. The old guys, dressed in 60's attire had some pretty good moves.

Angela with 8-month old fun-loving Maurice.

The two entertainers and a fascinated professional photographer.

Amanda, Alex and Michaela; resting in the park at the foot of the London Eye before heading home after the afternoon-long party.

One the way back, I stopped with Amanda to listen to Richard from 'The South' (assuming of America, e.g. Louisiana) , he sang the Blues. I thought he was really good and bought his album, also got his autograph, in case he makes it one day. I am not a big Blues fan, but the album turns out to be worth it.

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