Thursday, June 22, 2006

Papa & Maman visiting


It was lovely seeing mom and dad again. I had not seen them since Christmas. Proximity Saintes-London is great, just what I needed; I only wished Alex could be equally near his family.

Alex and I met Mom and Dad at Waterloo, then we took them out for dinner on the South bank, in a restaurant called Giraffe.

Then on Friday evening, I met up with them in Covent garden. We watched the various entertainers, jugglers, musicians, tricksters and this very funny guy who gets the crowd involved in his show and tricks passing women to kiss him.

They were coming to attend the wedding of Nina Peggs in Reading; Nina is the daughter of their good friends Iain and Alice from Penang.

On Sunday, it was Father's Day, so we took them out to have lunch along the Thames. After lunch, it was shopping for mom and me and footie for Dad and Alex. I cooked a lovely dinner that we ate watching France playing badly against South Korea.

The evening ended with a very eerie phone message: "Helen Picot, this is a very stupid man from Malaysia, now in France, looking for a very stupid woman". Since not many people have my home number, it got me all paranoid. Turns out that the very stupid man, is indeed very stupid, Richard, you could at least say your name when you leave a message!!! And he was indeed looking for my mom. I should have guessed, he always refers to mom as the very stupid woman (but for the uninformed, he actually loves her, they're buddies).

That wraps up the weekend with mom and dad. Can't hardly wait to see them again in July; but for that trip I am more looking forward to seeing Mamie Ese, Papi Jacques, Eugenie, Marie-Odile, Agathe, Marion, Nicolas, Emilie, and everyone from Ardeche.

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mamakitem said...

Ca fait drole de se voir un peu coincee dans le blog de sa fille, mais c'est rigolo.
Tu ecris tres tres bien, c'est magnifique, continue.