Saturday, June 24, 2006

Royal Ascot


The day did not start its best, meeting at 10h10 was a tad too matinal for me. I dragged myself out of bed at 8h45, jumped in the shower, struggled with the brushing, put the room upside down looking for my black shawl (which I did not find), applied make-up in a foggy mirror and ran down to the station with my small heels, while Alex finished getting ready. We eventually made it on time and the girls were waiting for us when we reached Ascot. Orla brought me a perfect little black hat that matched my dress perfectly.

I was very pleased to meet Alison and Nikki's little sister Sarah; and Jo, who is leaving for Kenya for a 6-week volunteer project on Aids education, tha's brilliant, and it comes at a great time, since I am planning to take one next year, I will definitely catch up with Jo when she returns from Kenya. It was lovely seeing Joanna, Peggy and Nikki again as well.

The new grand stand looks impressive. Here with Alison and new beau, Greg.

Joanna, Peggy, Claire, Orla, Nikki and seating are Jo, Alison and me.

Joanna, Peggy, Claire, Orla; and seating: Jo, Alison and me.

Alex with Barclay's ex-colleague Philippa from Australia and her friend. Philippa actually did the hats herself! How talented is that? The hats were brilliants, feathers, bow, comb; apprently she asked her friends what colours were their dresses, and she sawed hats for each one of them matching perfectly their outfits. Philippa is going back to Australia at the end of summer. I might ask her to do one for me. She will start her hat business back home, I don't think she'll have any difficulties with that much talent.

Philippa, Alex and Kelly(If I remember correctly)

Before the races started, the Queen paraded around the racecourse in her carriage. I have some good shots, and it actually feels nice to be able to say I've seen the Queen!

Then the races started, we bet, we laughed, we cheered, we won some, we lost most of them; but we had all the fun we planned on having and drunk lots of Pimms.

At the end of the day, I am pink like a cooked lobster, so I will show off my tan another day ;) Quite looking forward to the summer skin and the freckles.

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