Thursday, June 22, 2006

Royal Windsor Race


Ron invited us all to the Royal Windsor. We finished work early so that the girls could change into pretty little dresses and make-up.

I had no time to check out the favorite runners for the evening, but I had learnt a thing or two at Cheltenham back in March, so I thought I'll use my little experience and gut feeling.

The place was nicely planned, we had a view of the finishing line, and down the corridor was the bidding place, and from the balcony, we could see the horse around the circus, so that an expert eye (not me) could probably weight the shape and nervousness of the horse (I could tell, but I did not know if it was a good or bad sign).

Dinner was not great, but the company was and champagne was flowing, and I had a few winners, so it was a brilliant night.

I predicted allt he right winners, but because I am a cheap gambler I did not make much money. It does not matter, I only bet, so that I could have the satisfaction and feel the exhilaration when you cheer your horse to the finish line.

The pretty bunch from Verbatim, there's few pretty ones missing from the picture, but these beauties are the ones I work with most often. From left to right, Julie, Beth, Emma, Carrina, Hannah, Ann and me.

The evening ended at 10 PM and I was not drunk, but I was hungry, came home to finish Alex's KFC, bluntly putting an end to the glamorous evening. lol.

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