Friday, June 09, 2006

The Feeling & Genius

They are cute and talented!!!
Ouh la la... I enjoyed the sight as much as the music. he he!

Alison, Sarah and I took time to catch up before the gig started.
The Genius were on stage and since i did not know what The feeling looked like, I got the girls to come around. I really enjoyed the Genius, they are very cool and easy to listen to, they reminded me of Queen and a bit of the Beach Boys kind of fun in there as well.

While enjoying and dancing to Genius, this very cute guy kept walking past; I did not think much of it, being surrounded by 20-somethings, I expected them to be young and attractive lads. It is not until The Feeling came on-stage that I realised that I'd been brushing shoulders with the very cute lead singer!!! Raaaaagggghhh. there is no justice, I could have asked for his autograph 3 times.

Oh well, Sarah, Ali and I were right in front of the stage and it was brilliant. The music was great and the songs were lovely. Can't hardly wait for the Genius album to be out and on sale, you can check them out at

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