Friday, June 30, 2006

Pornography, Drugs and Bigamy

Now that sounds sinful.
Last night, Alex exitedly said there was a documentary on John C Holmes, the porn star renowned for the size of his penis. I was not too interested so I went to bed with my book; but I did listen to the documentary. It started out arguing the size of his penis and the number of girls he slept with; legendly 14000, probably more like 3000, (that's still more than I can possibly imagine).

If I thought that guy was not for real, I was in for a surprise. Next on the topic was his widow, an ex-teen porn star; and then I got confused because they started talking about another wife he had kept secret; if the sudden news is not surprising enough, he actually had a girlfriend who lived with his first wife, while he lived with the second wife.

Not weird enough? He was a coke addict, lived the high life, doing cocaine parties and hanging around with Eddie Nash (owner of a night club and drug dealer in LA). So far, it's no surprise, but he was so much into the white stuff that he started loosing 'his ability', and instead went into crime, fraud and prostitution. He joined the Wonderland gang, and when he smoked an entire delivery, he had to make it up to them by setting up a heist at Nash's club. Nash suspected John's involvement and took revenge by killing four members of the Wonderland gang, (event known as the Wonderland massacre). John who was present, was thrown in jail for his involvement in the murders. His secrets came to surface or rather his lies were uncovered. Out of jail he went back to porn, being the 80's, AIDS was the hot topic, he was diagnose with the virus. He chose to live his last years doing more coke till he died in 88.

Of course you may have seen the movie Boogie Nights (1997), when I told Alex they should make a movie out of this man, he said they had...

What I find the strangest is that none of this shocks me. Either that or it is so out there; that it becomes unbelievable and just stunning (in a cool way), that one person can live like he owes nothing to no one. He does what he wants when he wants and people around him either accepted him with his sin and madness or chose to live along with his lie; somehow that's respectable.

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