Sunday, October 22, 2006

Busy Waterloo Station

On Friday night, I was going to London to meet with the girls at All Bar One, I arrived in Waterloo station at 6.30 PM and there was a swarm of people, mostly business people going home, but also tourists and people of all ages going out like me. There were old people, young people, people with children, fat ones, skinny ones, fashion over-kill ones, and those for whom fashion is probably an exotic fruit. All of them had one thing in common they were rushing or running through the station to find their trains. And so I chose a slow song to listen to (Guillemots - Made up love song #43) and decided to walk very slowly through that rushing crowd - it felt funny, it felt like when you watch a movie in fast forward, or like a strange dream where you can't tell what's going on around you. The result was exhilarating, a cool experience.


Kitem said...

La signature, pour toi, ce sera toujours mamakitem, j'ai voulu changer pour mon blog, et je crois que ca ne va pas marcher!
Zero commentaire, dommage, pcq c'est genial ce que tu as fait dans la gare. XXX

sushi-junkie said...

sounds interesting.. it's like those slow motion movies where the rest are just blurs.. but aren't u afraid of being trampled on by the rushing crowd? i would :D