Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Final Fantasy XII is coming out!

At last, the very much awaited game of the deceny is coming out. I had lost any hope to ever see the game but tonight I looked it up and the release is due October 31st!!! I have been awaiting this game since I completed FFX-II in November 2003. Since then the last game I played was Xenosaga II and Brotherhood of Steel, that was over 20 months ago.
To my Darling and to myself, I promise that:
1. I shall not hog the TV
2. I shall not hurry home from work to play my game
3. I shall not make lame excuses and cancel seeing my friends just so that I can continue playing
4. I shall not obsess about the game
5. I shall not miss interesting and intelligent documentaries
6. I shall not forget to maitain my blog


Julien said...

Good luck on your Promises!!! It is going to be difficult, I know...

Anonymous said...

Oh great! I won't be seeing my wife for a few months ;) She is a huge fan of the final fantasy games