Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Rose

Last Saturday night I met up with Sarah, Alison, Nicky, Orla and our respective partners at Alison's new flat, a very lovely two bedrooms, cosy garden flat, overlooking a well-kept flower court and with a roof terrace with a view across South London. I volunteered to be the designated driver, and I must admit that I enjoyed the evening very well without drinking.

Orla, John, Alex and I stayed back at Ali's while the rest of them went ahead to party, we had a fun chat about their house hunt and nurtured a silly conversation about sailing up and down the Thames from our place to their dream home.

Later we drove to the club, but the place was full and we had to queue, as we could not be bothered we walked accross the road to the Rose, a pub where our friend Griff worked evenings same time last year when I arrived in London and lived with Sarah and Orla. Griff now owns the Rose and he is doing much better for himself, it was very nice to see him in better spirits. Also, it was great when I walked in that pub and that I knew so many people, who all remembered me and cared about what happened to me in the last 9 months they had not seen me. It made me feel... grateful.

It was a lovely night out and I enjoyed going out as couples as much as going out just the girls. Next meeting will be with the girls only but sometime in early November, we'll have another comedy club night out. I should also invite them over now that my flat is fully furnished and cosy.

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