Saturday, October 07, 2006


my colleague from the danish office, Klaus the Viking
I was up in Oslo for three days this week. Unfortunately I did not see much of the beautiful Nordic city. I arrived late on the Tuesday night, Wednesday was a 18-hour business day and on Thursday night I was too exhausted to drag myself out. Indeed, Wednesday was very busy, we were at the exhibition at 8am and I stopped talking and demonstrating the products at 7pm. This is what I call a successful day when one can put in 11 hours straight and not feel tired, the clients were really good, asking questions and showing a genuine interest. At one point I realised that I had gathered a crowd of 9 people and I did not feel intimidated.

That night, there was the gala dinner, Klaus meand I sat at the table of the largest store in Norway, although we were not seating with our product category manager, it was interesting to find out how these category managers work. What I liked best is that they have their own corporate drinking song!!! So we were all invited to stand on our chairs with a glass of Jagermeister and sing along loud and proud the corporate song. I reckon we should have one too, since drinking is an important requirement where I work. When I suggested it to my boss, he said, any song and any drink is our corporate identity. hi hi hi.


Hammer said...

I'm glad to hear that your job is going so well. What kind of products does your company sell?

La Cremiere said...

I work for the Number 1 company in the world for optical media, Verbatim.

sushi-junkie said...

looks like u have fun while working.. that's very important ;)

Verbatim? cool.. :)

Kitem said...

T'es vraiment belle sur la photo. toi tu embellie en vieillissant, quelle chance tu as! et en plus, tu es toute mince. Bisous.