Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ha ha! That's what love is.

I was quite interested in this article published in the Saturday Times on 07/10, so I though
t I'd share it with you all. It was actually an article about how or why people deal with their finances and one way to make people spend is to raise their levels of oxytocin. I hope this is something that will not be used because I am already guillible enough. But I was mostly glad to have an explanation of why sometimes to a very few people in the world I felt like I could trust them and tell them everything about myself... and later wonder why on Earth did I do that, well one explanation, one word: oxytocin. I'm satisfied with the answer. When you are aware of something it is easier to mind it in the future, if I feel compelled to tell my whole life to someone, I'll be able to moderate it because I'll know it's the oxytocin acting up.


Hammer said...

It's absolutely true. I've been rendered mentally helpless a few times in my life

I think it is an evolutionary trait that ensures that men and women can lie to get sex.

Kitem said...

Ca Alors, dpuis que tu m'as parle de "oxytoxin", je vois ce mot partout! Il y a un livre qui vient de sortir, écrit par un psy célèbre, Boris Cyrulnik, il est aussi ethologue, je ne sais pas ce que c'est ethologue, le bouquin s'appelle De chair et d'âme, et il disait qu'on a tous une certaine quantite d'oxytoxine, et qu'on peut etre gros porteur ou petit porteur. Les gros porteur réagissent mieux aux emotions et au stress, pour les petits porteurs, c'est plus dur de réagir faces aux vicissitudes de la vie. Je vais acheter son livre, je crois qu'il va te plaire. XXX