Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Christmas is early this year

Actually, I have more interesting posts to make then get all excited about FF-XII, like sharing my new fascination with Japan, sharing the listing of my favourite music albums ever and commenting on the actual listing of best albums of all time, or sharing my travel plans for 2007 and how stressed I am at work and that when I'm stressed I make mistake, which is obviously even more stressful. But all these will have to wait. Internet was down lately and tomorrow night, Alex is taking me out to watch Spamalot the West End Musical of the Holy Grail by Eric Idle, former Monty Python actor; and Friday night is catching up with the girls whom I can hardly wait to see.

Christmas is early this year. For starters, we still have a lovely weather way into October, which is nice; then BBC is releasing their amazing documentary DVD Planet Earth, so I booked the DVD and will receive it in the mail on December 1st. If you get to buy/rent the DVD in your countries I highly recommend it. It contains amazing scenery and wild life of our planet and is accompanied with beautiful music from Sigur Ros, a band from Iceland. It is so mesmerizing and poignant that it almost brings tears to the eye. And still in the "Christmas is early" series, my favourite author, Terry Pratchett has released his latest book "Wintersmith" and tonight I found out that the new instalment of my favourite game is being released soon. I feel a bit silly getting so excited like a little kid about a game, a book and a documentary but hey whatever works, right?


Kitem said...

Bon, ben quand est ce que je vais pouvoir te parler au telephone, moi, avec toute cette vie very exiting que tu as?
Allez, enjoy yourself a lot, that's the most important.

Kitem said...

Alors ca, j'etais sure que Terry Pratchett etait une femme, mais tu as ecrit "il" dans ton article, je suis immediatement allee sur ton Wikipedia pour voir si c'etait bien un mec, eh oui, il y a meme une photo de lui, pas mal le mec, pas mal et riche!XXX

sushi-junkie said...

cool :) FF-XIII is coming? yeaaa
that't my fave rpg game too :D
did u play kingdom hearts? it's a bit silly seing FF characters fighting along side disney characters, isn't it? :D but fun nonetheless :D
hm.. i wanted to read terry pratchet, but i wasn't so sure about it.. i think i'll give it a try once i finished reading my agatha christie's..
so it's not silly, coz i'm basically the same :D lol