Saturday, December 16, 2006

A bit of a drama queen

Today was very special. I was so sad this morning because of last night. But as the day evolved I spoke to my father in law, then Alex, and my brother and my dad and then my mom and they all listened and comforted me. That was really welcome and just what I needed.

I also went over the nice things of last night and for the life of me I know why I was upset but I no longer understand why I as in such a state. After all I had some brilliant chats with some of the most important people in the company and Ron made me dance, he's an excellent dancer, and the girls were very nice and truly cared to uplift my spirits.

Furthermore, today I had a good heartfelt reality check and I much needed it. I can see clearer what I need to do for my career to progress, and I will need to protect myself. Like Alex said "Never forget No. 1, and that's not Ron nor me, it's you." Thank you all, I love you just for caring.


Judith said...

Theres nothing like the comfort of family. We would be gibbering messes without their strength.. Having said that some families can turn you into gibbering messes. Im glad we dont fall into the latter..

Kitem said...

Merci, Judith
(Kitem is Helene's mum!)