Monday, December 18, 2006

Learning to read

May 2005. Angkor. Cambodia. Alex and I were on our honeymoon. Adventure, Discovery and Exotic Food is what gets us excited. I love this shot. I wandered off the beaten track and landed in a village. This is their classroom, the monk knows how to read, and there were 5 students aged between 10 and 25. The blackboard had our alphabet written on it. That scene moved me, and Hammer's story about his nephew inspired me to share this photo.


Steven Novak said...

Wow...great pic.


Hammer said...

That's interesting.

Down the street from my fathers house is a buddist temple. He and some other Veterans go there once a week and help teach the cambodian monks English.

Judith said...

when I see those pictures and I think of all the little shits that play truant from school it riles my blood..