Sunday, December 10, 2006

What to do?

I've been out and about with Martin inviting our customers to Christmas dinner parties and thanking them for the good business this year. A few nights ago I was in Manchester, this time the client was inviting us to their big do. The dinner was lovely I mingled with all the different buyers and other suppliers. However, much later in the night, my customer was very drunk and he was literaly all over me. I put him back in his place as gently as I could explaining that it would be very awkward talking about display cabinets if he went any further, even though he seemed cool about it, it still feels awkward. it also compromises my option of getting into sales next year. I don't know what else to do. If I choose to go into sales, I won't have Martin to lean on or hide behind when a customer makes it... difficult.


hammer said...

That's definately uncomfortable.

Sadly, when I was courted by electronics vendors, it was no secret that if there was a large contract on the table they were sometimes willing to "sweeten the deal"

To me it's totally unprofessional and unethical for customers or sales people to use or ask for sex
to get what they want.

Sorry you had to go through that.

Steven Novak said...

No one was ever tried to get a little something extra out of me.

Don't get me sounds quite a bit uncomfortable...but honestly, I'm a little bit jeaous. ;)


Kitem said...

ben ma vieille, t'as de nouveaux admirateurs on dirait!
Faut pas s'en faire...
Et puis, conseil de ta mere, t'es pas obligee de coucher pour vendre tes jolis dvd. Tu les remets gentiments a leur place, et comme ces hommes sont loin d'etre idiots, ils comprendront vite, sans t'en vouloir pour autant.