Thursday, December 28, 2006


Santa Claus came early with the jet lag. At 5 am, I was jerked awake by Jacques' loud soprano voice "Santa Claus came, the presents are here!" and a mémie asking if he drank his milk? At 5.35am, I dragged myself and Tonton Alex out of bed because the two little devils wanted to open the presents. Luckily mémie prepared a huge pot of coffee.

Jacques distributed the presents. Tata Hélène got a jade necklace, a Terry Pratchett book and a Gordon Ramsay cooking book, a pretty set of hat, scarf and gloves. Jacques got a big lego set to build all sorts of complex animals and the Interceptor from Lego Star Wars range. Nicolas also got some legos and the monkey which he named Mr. Monkey. Julien got some games for his PSP and Anna pretty clothes and accessories. Papa and Maman had two pro walking sticks with shock absorbers for their long trecks. Tonton Alex had some cufflings and a large picture book about the WWII which actually mentions the whole world and not just the struggle in Europe.
Later we had lunch at Mamie Ese. All the cousins met up to take a family picture for Mamie Ese with all her grand and great children and the spouses.


sushi-junkie said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family :)
Looks like a fun christmas there.. cool presents! nice pics :D
I wish i got a big lego set for christmas :D

Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Helene! Happy New Year!! I visited your Mom's "garden" earlier. Was great to see you and family having so much fun.

I hope your year is filled with fun, unbridled happiness and good health.

Nouvelle Année Heureuse !