Saturday, December 09, 2006

Harrods Christmas Windows

When I went to Harrods the windows adopted the Casino Royal theme. Shame that I won't have time to check out the Christmas window display. I just hope that this is not their Christmas display. This is becoming a big issue in the UK. People are becoming more and more afraid for the sake of being "politically correct". Well that's rubbish, Christmas is about the nativity of the Christ, and have I got news for them... it's a religious holiday!!!


KC said...

Political correctness and Butt Kissing will be the death of us yet. I just read in your paper today that muslim men will be swimming at public pools but you cannot join them unless you dress to cover like them.... UN- FREAKIN BELIEVABLE!

Kitem said...

C'est une fete religieuse, et seulement ca.
La vie qui va en a fait une fete tout court, et j'aime bien aussi.
Tout ca grace a Jesus, c'est son anniversaire, et tout le monde fait la fete avec lui.