Friday, December 15, 2006

Stunning after all?

What a day... It did me good to express regret of something I knew I would do before I actually do it, because I forced myself to make an effort and I quite like the results. at least if I don't come out okay of the pictures, I'll have the satisfaction to know that I tried.

Last night I did my nails while watching Secretary (2002), a strange but captivating story with James Spader. Then today I finished my errands, which consisted of finding a tasteful, artistic present for our best customer, and although I did not find it, I found out I can commission the work and got the name of an artist to call on - so I thought of commissionning a family portrait since it is a family business and they love taking pictures, that sounds like a much better present than anything I could have found. I hope Ron approves.

Having completed my task early I went to Boots to find a concealer for my acne as it really upsets me when I look back at photos and all I see are my stupid pimples. I went to Clinique because I like their products although they are expensive, the girl gave me a full professional make-up!!! I did buy a few of her products but I needed/wanted them.

Then I did a pathetic bun but it holds on, I don't care if it looks weird and all over the place, at least from the front and profile I look lovely.


Steven Novak said...

From the front, yes...quite lovely.

I can't speak for the back. ;)


La Cremiere said...

Actually, in the bus my colleague did my bun for me, so the back also looked okay... I think... I'll wait for the pictures.

Kitem said...

Moi, j'ai entendu quelque chose que tu n'as pas entendu.
J'etais en conversation video avec Julien quand il a ouvert ton blog et vu cette photo.
(moi meme je ne l'avais pas encore vue)
et j'ai entendu
So Anna et Jacques se sont precipites et tout le monde a dit que tu etais magnifique.
Moi aussi je dis que tu es magnifique.

Judith said...

I wouldnt worry about those 'popular office' bints, dont feel like a wallflower, Id rather have the respect from my work colleugues than be seen as a bit of a ditz. Tell yourself you are statuesque and dont label yourself as just plain ol tall. I think you look great in the photos. You gotta feel good from the inside to exude it ! Next time youre at one of those 'do's' try picture those women waking up in the morning after, make up and hair bad enough to stop a dog fight.. got the picture? there you go all better :o)