Saturday, December 09, 2006


I'm finally going through my Radiohead education. Alex has always been a huge fan of Radiohead for as long as I've known him. Actually I remember the time before we started dating, We were hanging out in my room in Penang, listening to CDs and he took out Pablo Honey from the collection, it must have meant a lot to him. Ever since, I always enjoyed Radiohead whenever he plays their CD, but I never paid it a lot of attention so I don;t know why a few days ago I decided to listen to Fake Plastic Trees from the album The Bends. It is a fantastic song and from the same album I always loved High and Dry and Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was and most of the songs from OK Computer.


Kitem said...

Rien a voir avec Radiohead, quoique je me souviens qu'a Penang Alex aimait deja beaucoup ce groupe.
C'est au sujet des listes des cinq.
Quand tu as le temps, et si ca t'amuses:
les cinq derniers
les cinq premiers
les cinq meilleurs
les cinq preferes
les cinq "bonne sante"

Kitem said...

si ca t'amuse (pas d's)