Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jacques' 6 Birthday

All grown up, Jacques with Nicolas in Mount Kiara Park

It's Thursday, Jacques is 6 today. On Monday I took the time to send him a birthday present, a card and money. To my surprise by 9.30 AM I received a text message from Maman saying "I spoke to Jacques and he said Tata Helene gave me money!", she also gave me Julien's new telephone number, so I called and managed to speak to Jacques. He was delighted with the money, I assumed his parents had kept the present aside for the birthday party; Jacques did not know what he was going to buy with the money. I also spoke to Nicolas who can speak much better now, he said "My name is Nicolas and I am two years old", he is turning three on the 29th, I'd better start find a toy. Then he went on saying repeatedly "I am too small". The cutie was referring to the fact that he was not allowed to play with his brother's lego toys. Brilliant day, last time I managed to speak to them was over two months ago. I miss them so much.

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