Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Something about love

On Wednesday I as on my own and there was nothing on tele, so I lay down on my luxurious pillow stack with a cup of tea and watched Kindergarden Cop. It was funny how simple the relationship develops, good cop and nice lady go on two dates and at the end of the film they are in love and it looks like they'd be ready to spend the rest of their lives happily together. And not so long ago, it was not that complicated, i.e. grandpa meets grandma in train, ask for address, exchange letters for a year, go on two dates, get married, have three kids and live happily ever after. Or again, grandma moves from Paris to small town to live with Aunt, meets charming young man who lives on ground floor, get married have three kids and live happily ever after. So simple.

Nowadays, it s a total contrast, on the way back from Bradford (same day) I was reading this article where men stated all the reasons which made them not proceed in a relationship even if they were attracted to the girl; in summary everything. If she's too straightfroward or too nice, she must be desperate; if she's too shy or too cool, she must be not interested, they also assume very quickly that she's too needy, she's too high maintenance, she's too independant, she's not pretty enough and she tries too hard. Oooh sounds like something is seriously wrong. And most of all, Whatever happened to I like you, you like me let's get together and see what happens next? Why do they make it so complicated? Because if they want complications, I can think of half a dozen valid reasons why a relationship can be complicated - on top of my head: distance, religion, values, politics, sexual orientation, social background, upbringing, health; these people are bored and just creating modern pub dramas. I wonder what happened between my grandparents stories and today?

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