Monday, August 21, 2006


We later met with more of Alex ex-colleagues from Chooi&Co. We had dinner in a Lebanese restaurant, Maroush at Marble Arch. The food was good but the service needs to be revised. The maitre d'hotel was a real prick. Firstly as we were being served the first course, some people walked in and he asked us to move table. I opened my mouth to tell him to FO, (if I had to get up I would have walked out), but his colleague rushed over to apologise and dismiss the statement. Then later, the cute waitress was serving us our main courses when the same guy started scolding her at our table, something to do with the other guests. I don't care who the heck those people are, it is just plain rude and unpleasant when a bloody arrogant maitre d'hotel scolds a waitress at my table, I gave him a despising look, and he winked at me!!! What the hell, the prick, he's disgusting. It really annoyed me that he treated us like we were not as important as the other guests, true, I am not important, but there is a thing called humility and I believe strongly that we are all born equal, now if someone has higher status, good for them, but that status does not make them any better or any more respectable than the janitor at Marble Arch Tube station. The three of them could have spoken in Chinese the whole dinner it would have made no difference. Gosh, when lawyers get started on their legal jargon, it gets real boring. Even Alex admitted the conversation was very lame to have over dinner. So, I spent most of the dinner day dreaming about what dress I was going to wear at Ascot and playing with the kid seating behind me.


Hammer said...

My god. That sounds horrible.

I'm surprised you did't stand up and plant a shoe in that guys grapes.

Luckily, the people I deal with in restaurants are not surly pricks just mind numbingly incompetant.

I've started a letter writing campaign recently targeting eating establishments that give poor service and low quality food.

So far I've received about $400US in vouchers and gift certificates with letters begging my forgiveness.

nugentmilicent said...

well maroush is a shitty restaraunt with ignorant gorrillas and apes for waiters. Just google it the net is full of stories of arrogant service in this place