Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Night out @ Bar One

Thursday, I met up with Orla, Sarah and Alison. It was great seeing them again. Sarah was lucky enough to go the Kasabian gig the week before; Alison is looking for a new flat to rent with Nikki (her sister), probably in Balham or Clapham South; and Orla has
been busy beeing a party girl and leaving John home alone every night (she said in-between
two giggles); I'd say she isn't feeling too guilty ;)
Michelle and Sarah Alison, Orla and me
Later, we were joined by Michelle, a college friend of Sarah's. Michelle is very cool and got some very exciting stories about her relationships. Being in a new relationship, she wanted to play it cool with her new man, so we moved up from Bar One to Islington, the Kind's Head, so that we'd be in the 'neighbourhood' from where he should have been. However, her plan did not quite turn out that way, since he texted her that he was in Maroush at Marble Arch (that's the Lebanese restaurant with the creepy waiter from last saturday). Anyways, there was a cool live band playing, the "Joe Haves Band" was into 50's and 60's rock'n'roll and gave a great ambience. However by 12.30, with no dinner, the white wine was making me ill, so I called it a night.

The Joe Haves Band

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