Monday, August 21, 2006

Zinc Grill & Bar - Fulham Broadway

We had dinner with Philippa, Nadine and Jacob in Fulham Broadway. The conversation ran around Jacob and Nadine's wedding plans for March 17th and found out that Alex and I are invited for the wedding in Durban! How can Alex omit to mention that?! I know it's overly expensive to fly to Durban but it would be nice to consider the holiday. It's a shame it is not a reasonable expense at this point of time, but I'd like not to completely dismiss the idea. Philippa is almost set for her return home to Sydney. She offered to make me a hat before she leaves. I have to choose my colours. Since I don't have a dress, I'll wait for the Ascot head-dress to find a matching outfit.

Later we went out to a club called Lloyds over Fulham Broadwy tube station, and I'd say we are all still young around 30, nonetheless I could not help but feel old as we were surrounded by 16 to 22 years-old. You could easily spot the dirty old men in suits checking out the sweet 16 ones. Tsk Tsk.

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