Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A lonely night

Last night was dreadful. Alex went to a concert with Dan and Jamie. I could have gone out with Sarah and Alison, but I needed to go to the Renault dealer to sort out the car financing.

Usually, I look forward to a night on my own, to pamper myself, snugg up in my floor cushions with a cup of tea and a good book or a good film. On the way back from the garage, I bought some Chow Mien and Wan Tan Soup, called my mom to catch up, then chatted with Benoit (my cousin) for a while.

But yesterday I was not at my best, I was feeling a bit down the whole day; even Ron was concerned that I did not smile as much as usual, but then again, there isn't any reason for feeling down. The most cheerful thing that happened to me yesterday was discovering the blog of Hammer, because he's hilarious. ( I just hate that when I feel down for no freaking good reason. What does it take to be happy? I am a fairly cheerful person, I've always got something to rejoice about. But nowadays, I don't remember how to do it. I've just lost it. I hope it's just something to do with the weather and that it will pass soon.

Well for the cheering me up part, Agathe is coming over for a week, she'll be staying at her boyfriend's sister in London. It will be nice seeing her, I did not manage to see her back in France as she was away the weekend I was home. Plus, today work is getting a bit more exciting, so that's distracting enough from feeling blue.


Hammer said...

Hope you get to feeling better and thank you for the kind words.

Good luck with the new car!

sushi-junkie said...

the same thing happened to me.. i found hammer's blog and it cheered me up :)

hope u feel more cheerful ;)

Elessar said...

Hey Helene cheer up... put yourself a good old movie (like a DON Camillo or the Katherine Hepburn you watch so much in PARIS...)

What car are you going for?