Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Long weekend

For the rest of the weekend, we got working in the flat, which besides the bedroom, is still
a camping site. So we went to Ikea to get bookshelves, because for me, to display my books
and sort our CD collection is one very important item of feeling at home. So on Monday I fixed the shelves and started displaying the books. The Terry Pratchett were the first up on shelves, and that's all it took to transform the place into home. The drawers can hold 300 CDs of our 400 pieces collection, so I will take out our favorites of the moment, and sort the others by alphabetical order. I think I will give away my singles collection, because singles take up too much space and it's great when it's a favorite of the moment, but I haven't listened to them in 12 years. The bedroom could use a chest of drawers and I don't like the bedside tables left by the landlord, but it can wait a while, I want look for antiques in KL.

The papasan chair and floor cushions are great, and now I can't wait for the deep-seating sofa to be delivered to complete the living room. The sofa is in the colour of the cushion from the papasan chair.

Popoh's side tables and Kuan Yin have not quite found their places yet in the room, so I
will keep moving them until I am satisfied.


Hammer said...

Looks great. I used to have that exact same chair only in blue.

sushi-junkie said...

i always wanted that big comfy chair.. cool.. ur place looks comfy n homey :) and i also loveee my book shelf :)

btw..isn't popoh a chinese word for grandma?

La Cremiere said...

Indeed, my husband is Malaysian of Chinese origin and so we refer to the side tables he inherited from his grandma as Popoh's because that's what he calls her. I guess you are Indonesian of Chinese origin then?

Kitem said...

Wahoo l'appart est magnifique, et papa adore la voiture, les rideaux sont pas terribles par contre, lol

Hammer said...

It should be easy to burn all your singles to CD.

If not that Windows will make them into MP3s that will fit up to 300 per CD.

sushi-junkie said...

yes i'm exactly that :D and i also have a Popoh :D but besides counting from 1 to 10 i don't know any other chinese words..

oh wait.. i know the term for both no. 1 and no. 2 bathroom businesses.. and how to say "how r u" and "thank u" .. andddd.... that's about it :D (i don't do my ancestors proud, i know lol)