Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Saturday Night Out

We had dinner with Alex ex-colleague from Malaysia Edmund and a few other lawyer friends of theirs. I remember Edmund vaguely from the KL wedding photos. Alex made arrangements for dinner at the Four Seasons Chinese restaurant in Bayswater. It was nice meeting most of them; but Edmund pissed me off within 5 minutes, I could hardly believe it, it's a record for me not liking someone (made some comments about westerners knowing nothing about Chinese food; and having lived most of my life in Asia and married to a Chinese; I got pretty mad); I turned to Alex and said I don't like him loud enough for the moron to hear. Then Alex leaned over and whispered something that soothed me instantly. He asked me "Why do you think Kevin beat him up?". Weirdly, I found it reassuring that Kevin had beat Edmund up. I like Kevin, he is cool, very nice and smart but as long as you are on his good side, I could swear he is a big guy in the Chinese mafia, but I've got no proof. Thereafter I did not pay Edmund any more attention.

I quite liked Natasha, a very sweet girl of Malay origin and another Chinese girl but I did not catch her name. I also had a heated discussion with Michael on French and Malaysian policians. I did not agree on everything, but it is madness to try and argue with a barister - arguing is his full time job and he is much better at it than I am. Soon I was a bit annoyed but he is a Chelsea fan like Alex and a member and he invited Alex to the next Chelsea game, which is cool for Alex.

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