Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Reading Festival

Today is Ron's birthday so I made sure I gave him a call before starting the day; his horse Magic Rush is running at New Market, so I put a tenner on the horse for an each way (unfortunately, it did not win).

Since we had the car, we drove up to Reading, it was real easy finding our way there. The car is very smooth and easy to navigate and the enterior is comfortable. A brilliant car. I cannot believe it, I feel like I'm going to be returning the car to the garage, as if it's a rented car. but it's mine!!! It's got my name on the papers :))

The festival was far from being as good as the one in Hyde Park. The place was absolutely filthy and we were put off by the smell of spilled beer and other unindentified smells which could have been pee and puke. Furthermore, there was no bands playing that was of any interest to us, so we took refuge in the comedy tent, which was very fun, as comedians were making parodies of famous songs.

Most of the bands on the main stage were pussy rock/indie pop, I found it boring. The festival truly started with The Like, the rock chicks from Las Vegas, whom I discovered at the Festival in Hyde Park, followed by more comedy, then Jet, the Australian pop rock band, I liked them back in 2004. I ever only sung one song, and it was Jet's 'Look what you've done'. I really enjoyed that gig. Then we waited patiently and excitedly for Muse! They were absolutely amazing, brilliant, thrilling. He's got a fantastic voice and vocal range. The show was as good as Radiohead's, now we will have to source tickets for their gig in London in November, that's gonna be expensive but definitely worth it.

Oh, and I almost forgot... I got hit on by a very cute 20-year old. Alex isn't all that pleased. The kid, Chris, refused to beleive that I was either 29 or married, until Alex came back. Ha! ha! Come' on you can't blame a girl for being flattered.


Hammer said...

Nice car.

You cannot have a decent festival without the smell of pee and puke.

A comedy tent? That sounds like a blast. Dirty song parodies are a hobby of mine ;D.

What on earth is pussy rock?

Great update!

sushi-junkie said...

cool car! and it's bluuueee !! *my fave color :)

btw.. about that 20-yr old guy.. i know this may sound cheesy.. but.. you go girl!! :D apparently you're radiating a 20-year old youth :D which is what everybody over 25 yrs old would kill for :D