Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moving in

Collected the van on Saturday morning, it was surprisingly easy to drive the large van. The first trip was easy enough. We picked up the keys and moved in to see a real mess, every single kitchen cupboards and drawers were filled with mismatched cookery, pots, pans; the living room had a collection of not-my-taste antiques, the mattress was all bumpy and worst of all, the toilet was black with limescale. Before we continued with the move, I went into waitrose to buy the strongest cleaners I could find; (I'm going to do a-minute promo here) Harpic worked, I used the whole bloody box and half the spray, but the toilet looks brand new.

Back to the old flat for the supposedly final ride, I could not lift the tele off the floor. In my best attempt Ilifted it one millimeter, and there was no way Alex could move it on his own. So we called Dan for help. Sunday morning, Dan came over to help carry the TV set instead of preparing for the BBQ he invited us to two weeks ago. Thank God for the extra help, or I was about to leave the TV behind and buy a new smaller flatter one. The BBQ was a welcomed break, it was great lovely to see Dan, Julie, James, Seema and baby Jaya as well. We took a walk in Battersea Park before lunch, which dragged on to start at 5.30 PM but we spent 6 great hours altogether.

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