Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Wild River Adventure

29 years later and 24 summer holidays in Labastide de Virac and not once did I canoe down the Ardeche river; so this year I had to try it; not only because Alex would love it, but also because I have outgrown the fear of embarrassing myself. It was much easier than I expected to stay upright on the canoe; it was however more difficult to stir the canoe, especially past a rapid. I was glad Nicolas came with us, as he had a one-time experience, he could impart with his little knowledge.
Nicolas says the single person canoe is easier to stirWe did capsize in one rapid, the current was so strong that although we thought we were doing well, we suddenly were dragged completely off our track and into a tall rock in the middle of the river, our canoe went straight into it, slammed sideways and up and back down again upside down! It was exhilarating and fun and a little scary all at once. Nicolas who had come through dry, picked up our floating slippers, and items. Alex lost his wedding ring in the incident. Mireille said she will look for it; she finds hundreds of rings in the river at the end of every summer.We made it to the finish line - under the Pont d'Arc a natural bridge in the cliff

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